Monday, August 06, 2007


"Caravan", and "Canoes" !

Northway's new "amphib" Caravan has been busy during the weekdays, flying the "sched" connecting Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, and St. Andrews, MB. During the weekends, Doug Burton has been coming to Pine Dock, with amphib Caravan C-GNWG, to help out me and Otter UKN when we are busy. Some "camp work" alleviates some of the "monotony" one can experience flying "sched". Anyways, we have also been hauling canoers, and have been testing the Caravan's suitability hauling "externals". Well, she has "passed" with "flying colours", when hauling a maximum of 4 people, gear, and 2 canoes. Let's take a "bush trip".........


Early AM, by Windigo Lake, on the Pigeon River. I am picking up Huck Cammack and crew with Otter UKN, while Doug and Caravan NWG take fishermen to Sasaginnigak Lodge. Doug will join me on my second trip, as we have 12 more canoers and 6 canoes to retrieve from the "mouth" of the Pigeon River.


I am "anchored" to the shoreline at the mouth of the Pigeon, and Doug and NWG arrive and "touchdown".......... behind me.........


......and "anchor" to shore. "Damn", the anchors have come in handy during this "high water" year!


Finally, canoes tied on and loaded, we are both ready to leave. Doug and NWG leave first, as he is parked "down-wind" from me.


There will be 4 "lovely ladies" and 2 canoes waiting for Doug and NWG, as they will have to make a second trip.


Doug "stokes the boiler"..........


......and "breaks water"! I soon follow him!


Back at Pine Dock, I await Doug and NWG, as they arrive from the second trip with the 4 "lovely ladies". The canoes ride "beautifully", and are "rock solid".


The "left side" canoe "butts" against the rear ladder, and doesn't move, the right side canoe is secured so that the "air-stair" opens without conflict while the canoe is secured.


Anyways, the Caravan does quite well with 4 pax, 2 canoes, and gear. If these are the limits, it is quite safe. Below are some "numbers of interest" in regards to
"Caravan", and "Canoes" !

1) T/O Power through the climb.

2) Power back to 1300-1400 ft./lbs. Torque for cruise.

3) Prop back to 1750 RPM for cruise.

4) 110 to 115 kts. indicated.

The Caravan can be run at a higher power setting and airspeed, but our canoe trips are all between 30 and 70 miles, so Doug just brings the power back and let's the young girl "loaf"! Till next time.......


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