Monday, May 07, 2007


"Otters", In Search Of "Water"!

def: Otter; freshwater or saltwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur.

Yes, the "Otter" craves water, but they aren't all "brown", and some have "floats" instead of "clawed, webbed feet". Today I "hunted" for 4 Otters. Here is the first one I found.


Otter C-FUKN, with her "backside" in Northway's hangar, prepares for "water".



"Elevators" off, being inspected.



I heard the Government of Manitoba's Otter C-FODY land in Selkirk today, as I was coming "south" on "sched". On the way home, I looked for her.


C-FODY, I "found her"!



"She" now "sports" a Pratt and Whitney "turbine".



I question the "artistic input" that decided her new "paint scheme", though.


Green Airways' famous Otter "C-FLEA" is ready to be "launched".


So is Green Airways' other Otter, "C-FODJ"! Both LEA and ODJ are 1000 HP "Polish Otters". The Otter should have had 1000 HP from "Day One", whether "piston" or "turbine". The Pezetel engine is a great conversion, I speak from experience, as I have well over 3,000 hours on "Polish Otters". The "cowling blankets" are to keep the "Mags" dry, one of the few Polish Otter "Achilles Heels".



......and the "last word" of my "Post" goes to the "Louisville Slugger" on the front of the "Polish Otter"........


("stay tuned"........)

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