Monday, November 27, 2006



Northway Aviation operates a Piper Cheyenne, and I was able to get "her" to pose for me this past week. She is certainly a "looker"! She flies scheduled service, and is also available for charters to anywhere in North America. Check out her "lines".

 Here she is, "C-GNWD"!


 "Coming at you".........


 Sharing the spotlight with 1965 Turbo Beaver C-FOEE!

 NWD warms her "backside"!


  NWD and her Northway "fleet sisters"; Caravan NWV shows her prop in the foreground, NWD, and Piper Navajo BKK, nicknamed "The Pumpkin", in the background.

 NWD "spools up".........
 .....and today in Berens River, Chief Pilot Jeff Tillapaugh transports a Manitoba Hydro crew from Berens River to Little Grand Rapids! Throttles forward, dust billowing, the Pratt and Whitney turbines beat the air! We're outta' here! "Adios"!  Posted by Picasa

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