Sunday, June 11, 2006


Northway Leases " Last Otter Made" C-FVQD!

C-FVQD is the last "Otter" de Havilland Canada made, Serial # 466, in 1967. She is a fine ship, presently owned by Bob Jackson, owner of Adventure Air, located in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. I have posted before about VQD, when she was a "Standard" Otter, and "gravity" overtook her. Check it out! Blue Water Aviation Rescues VQD! Anyways, she now "sports" a Walter Turbine, and Northway has leased her for the summer to fly "sched", and help out on weekends doing fishing camp work. She is presently on "amphib floats". She will be flown by Doug "Black Cloud McLeod" Burton, Bush Pilot "extraordinaire", who doesn't "suffer fools" lightly! My kind of guy. Anyways, the Ops. Mgr. asked me to do his recurrent training, being the only Company Pilot with time on the "Walter Otter". Well, I checked him out, did his PCC (Pilot Competency Check), and Doug has "hands of gold"! He and VQD are now "online"!

Doug and VQD arrive at Pine Dock! (with beer!) Posted by Picasa

"Slim" lady! Posted by Picasa

VQD and UKN, 10 "siblings" apart, as UKN is Serial # 456! Posted by Picasa

"Check-out day", final for Runway 22, Pine Dock! "Check gear down"! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Airborne again, "gear up"! Posted by Picasa

Doug's checkout was complete, then we headed for Sasaginnigak Lake, Doug in VQD, me in UKN, to "overnight", and haul fishermen back to Pine Dock in the morning. We would meet up with Camp Manager "Uncle Louie", have some "wobbly pops", tell some "marginally true" stories, and laugh our "asses off"! Life is good! I leave you with some "images" from Sasaginnigak!

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

"Uncle Louie", "Cowboy Roy", and "The Newf" tie up VQD! Posted by Picasa

"Sister" ships! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa


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