Sunday, May 14, 2006


"UKN's Shakedown" Continues............!

Yesterday I continued to "shakedown" Otter C-FUKN and her "overhauled" engine. I had the first group of fishermen heading to Sasaginnigak Lake to transport in the morning, and after lunch I would return to Sas with supplies, and pick up friend Ross Bailey and his crew from Paint Point Lake. UKN performed near-flawlessly, and all tasks were accomplished.

UKN at the dock at Sasaginnigak Lake. Posted by Picasa

Pratt and Whitney R-1340 power! Posted by Picasa

Then I headed for Paint Point to pick up Ross and Co. and see their cabin.

Holy Smokes! Look at the glass on this cabin! Posted by Picasa

The "view" from the "glass-enclosed deck"! Posted by Picasa

Cozy inside! Posted by Picasa

Practical getaway! Posted by Picasa

Outside. Posted by Picasa

UKN awaits to take us back to Pine Dock! Posted by Picasa

WEBSITE - Sasaginnigak Lodge

Today UKN had no trips, so I cleaned her insides and made a number of new docking ropes and canoe-attaching ropes, and performed a few other "odds and ends". She will be flying again tomorrow hauling people and material to Sasaginnigak Lake. Before I retired to my "private space" to consume some "liquid intellect", I headed for the Pine Dock airport. Northway operates a Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 "Airvan" and I wanted to take some photos. The GA8 is designed to fill the market between the Cessna 206 and the Cessna Caravan.

There "she" be! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Large sliding door. Posted by Picasa

View from the rear! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Well thought-out instrument and control layout. Posted by Picasa

Airvan "airborne"! Posted by Picasa

"G'dye, Mate"! Posted by Picasa

Gippsland GA8 "Airvan" Specifications

Engine: Lycoming I0-540-K1A5
Wing Area: 19.3m2 [208 ft2]
Aspect Ratio: 8:1
Cabin Floor Area: 54 ft2
Cabin Internal Volume: 180 ft3
Useable Fuel Capacity: (Wings) 332 l (87.7 USG)
Empty Weight: 997 kg (2200 lb)
Certified T.O.W.: 1814 kg (4000 lb)
Vne (never exceed speed): 185 KIAS
Normal Cruise @ 4000': 118 KTAS @ 56 l/hr (14.8 USG/hr
Normal Range*: 730nm (6hr)
Economic Cruise @ 8000': 104 KTAS @ 37 l/hr (9.8 USG/hr)
Maximum Range*: 930nm (9hr)
* No Reserves

WEBSITE - Gippsland Aeronautics

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