Friday, May 19, 2006


"Scenes" From "Sasaginnigak"

Sasaginnigak Lodge is open for business, and the scenery is "stunning". Yesterday I took in some guests, and decided to overnight, and this morning I returned to Pine Dock with Frank, Colin, and Corey, 3 carpenters who had been "sprucing up" some of the cabins. My oldest daughter Kelly was with me also, as she had been visiting my 2nd oldest daughter Kody, who is working at Sas Lodge. Anyways, "digital" in hand, I went wandering.

MAY 18, PM

C-FUKN at Sasaginnigak Lodge for the night. Posted by Picasa

Master Angler Cabin (Big MAC) interior. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

"WELCOME!" says "The Big Bad Wolf"!, who met his demise, and now is a permanent resident of Sasaginnigake Lake. Posted by Picasa

"Big MAC" furniture made by Ed Roberecki of Riverton. The legs, back and arm rests are made from standing, fire-killed poplar. Beautiful material, hand-notched. Posted by Picasa

Another "Big MAC" resident........ Posted by Picasa

.......and another......... Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Big MAC! Posted by Picasa

View from the deck at Big MAC! Posted by Picasa

MAY 19, AM

I went for an early morning stroll, and I noticed all sorts of sign that many moose had "wintered" at Sasaginnigak Lake. You see, they always get together and play "marbles", and then they leave their "marbles" behind.

Moose "marbles"! Posted by Picasa

Must've been "one helluva' game"! Posted by Picasa

"Which one is the shooter?" All kidding aside, there was "moose shit" everywhere. Posted by Picasa

The moose had also trimmed and eaten all the ends of the willow bushes, and all the birch tree shoots.  Posted by Picasa

Then, I returned to the docks, and sat in UKN for a "pic". Posted by Picasa

UKN's cockpit. Posted by Picasa

UKN interior looking rearward from the cockpit. Leather seats. Posted by Picasa

UKN from the aft baggage compartment, looking toward the cockpit. Posted by Picasa

What a fine morning! Posted by Picasa

"Inukshuks"! Posted by Picasa

"Come again, come often"! Posted by Picasa

WEBSITE - Sasaginnigak Lodge

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