Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hurricane "Rita" Rampages Across The Gulf..........

Hurricane Katrina displaced millions, drove up the price of fuel, caused untold hundreds of billions of dollars, and killed many. 3 weeks later we get "Hurricane Rita", expected to make landfall Friday night, or Saturday morning. My heart goes out to the people in the way of this new storm, but the Federal, State, and Local governments were more "on the stick" this time, and the Military, Guard, and Rescue Units are ready, and many people evacuated.

Anyways, I am getting a little "pissed" at these storms. Whether they be caused by "Global Warming", or part of a "natural cycle", besides the death and destruction they cause, they are straining the businesses and working class due to the price increases on everything. You all know the fuel price increases, and apparently lumber prices in Louisiana have risen 50%, just to name 1 commodity!

This morning, my friend Merlin Johnson of Northway Aviation Ltd. e-mailed me some pictures of the cloud formations before Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans and surrounding area. They are stunning, be sure to view them full-screen. We can at times in the geographic area that we fly, here in Manitoba, see similar cloud formations, as we can experience tornados, micro-bursts, and lines of thunderstorms 100 miles long on occasion, but we never experience the continuous, sustained "pummelling" and "storm surge" that comes from a hurricane. So, check out the pics, some awesome colours, and shades of grey!

When you see an "ominous" sign like this, something is amiss.......... Posted by Picasa

This is the first indication of a major meteorological event about to happen............. Posted by Picasa

A "maelstrom" brewing......... Posted by Picasa

Major "stomach churning"......... Posted by Picasa

This sky looks "molten".......... Posted by Picasa

Beautiful shades of blue, torquoise, and light aqua........... Posted by Picasa

"Little House On The Prairie" about to be flattened............. Posted by Picasa

Violence about to be unleashed........... Posted by Picasa

Part of Louisiana's corn crop about to be annihilated, as at the time of Katrina, harvest was in full swing.............. Posted by Picasa

There you have it, nature about to be unleashed. Thanks for the "pics", Merlin, and let's hope Hurricane Rita diminishes, or makes a turn or makes landfall in a sparsely populated area.

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