Thursday, August 11, 2005


Some "Surface Specimens" From Lake Winnipeg.........

The expanse of Lake Winnipeg! I get a euphoric feeling as I gaze upon her. I used to cross her daily by air in my previous employment, but nowadays I very seldom get near her during work days. Therefore, when I have some free time, her "magnet" draws me near! Posted by Picasa

The dock at Hnausa, between Gimli and Riverton, is a nice place to burn time. Posted by Picasa

Hnausa is where the Lake Winnipeg freighter Goldfield resides between fish-hauling seasons.  Posted by Picasa

The Goldfield is owned by the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, and hauls their fresh-caught product from points around the lake. Posted by Picasa

The bow of the Goldfield must be a beautiful spot to stand when plying Lake Winnipeg's rolling, glistening surface, during a good-weather day! Posted by Picasa

The Goldfield's "derriere"............ Posted by Picasa

Another privately owned boat at Hnausa is the Blackhawk, and is a pleasure-cruiser. It is doubtful she will see water this year, though............... Posted by Picasa

The Blackhawk!!! Posted by Picasa

It is hard for the uninformed to realize what a tremendous "fishery" asset Lake Winnipeg is to the economy of Manitoba, besides being a "tourism" asset also. It sustains a broad Commercial Fishery, of many different species of fish. In 2000/2001, the total production from Lake Winnipeg was 6,217,850 KG Round Weight of all species of fish! The fishery that year was worth $22,000,000, and employed over 1,000 licensed fishermen and helpers!

A fishing boat of choice by many! A 24' ZagFab boat, made right in Riverton, with a 115 HP Merc 4-stroke on the back. This is a welded aluminum boat. Posted by Picasa

A smaller boat of choice, a 22' wood and fiberglas boat with a 70 HP 2-stroke Johnson outboard. Also a very stable rig.  Posted by Picasa

View from the lake! Posted by Picasa

Then I headed for the Icelandic River in Riverton, and Ostertag's Marina!

The M.S. "Mukutawa" ashore in Riverton. This freighter also has a storied history plying Lake Winnipeg. It is named after the Black River, as "Mukutawa" is Ojibway for "black". Posted by Picasa

Beautiful ship, nicknamed the "Muk", although in need of paint............. Posted by Picasa

The "Muk" is a very large, "twin-screw and ruddered", boat.......... Posted by Picasa

View down the river............. Posted by Picasa

The "Lady Grace", another boat owned by the F.F.M.C............... Posted by Picasa

The "Katherine", a Lake Winnipeg "whitefish boat"........... Posted by Picasa

A boat under construction. Apparently this hull came from Lake Winnipegosis, which is shallower than Lake Winnipeg, and you can see the shallower draught. When the water levels in Lake Winnipegosis were lowered permanently, many of these boats couldn't navigate her waters, and some ended up at Lake Winnipeg............  Posted by Picasa

There you have it folks, Lake Winnipeg and some of her "surface specimens"..........Till next time,



I'm writing a Children's Novel where part of the action takes place on the Mukutawa River. I was hoping to get some images of the river and the surrounding area. If you have any or even description it would be great if you could email them to me at

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