Saturday, August 13, 2005


"Fall Is Near", Or So It Feels In The Mornings.........

We were delayed this morning, due to major low level moisture. Fog, and persistent rain lingered for the better part of the morning. Then, finally, I "augered" off for Bradburn Lake, with a family going fishing!

Bradburn Lake is on the Bradburn River system which empties into Fishing Lake, east of Pauingassi Indian Reserve. It is owned and operated by Thunderbird Lodge And Outposts. It was originally built by Bob Polinuk from Selkirk Air. It is a fine fishery, with large walleye, and is loaded with yellow perch! I have flown into this camp for a number of years, and have fished this lake myself.

The cabin at Bradburn Lake! Posted by Picasa

An old "moose rack" welcomes you. I'm sure this moose made good stew for the "locals" at Pauingassi! Posted by Picasa

"Rustic" cabin. Posted by Picasa

Very beautifully finished inside! Posted by Picasa

The kitchen area. Posted by Picasa

I have to comment on the "outhouse" at Bradburn Lake. A number of years ago, I flew a couple of carpenters and a "pre-fab" outhouse they had made for Bradburn. They were worried I would scratch the wood as I loaded it in the Otter. "It's an outhouse, for crying out loud!" I told them. It was a full Otter load with them and their tools, but "what an outhouse"! Check it out!

The "outhouse" at Bradburn Lake! Posted by Picasa

An outhouse was never like this! Posted by Picasa

Where on earth can you get a "view from the seat" like you can from the "outhouse at Bradburn Lake"? (I still figure it should have been a "2-holer", to share some moments of "togetherness"!) Posted by Picasa

Anyways, I finished my work by about 6 PM this evening, and I thought I would get some pics of a plane that showed up at Silver Falls the other day. The fellow flying the aircraft, and his passengers, went fishing at Dogskin Lake Lodge.

A "Cirrus" SR 22! Posted by Picasa

Look at the "scimitar" prop on this baby! Posted by Picasa

This is a very fine-looking aircraft, made from composite materials! Posted by Picasa

Very nice lines, and it has a "glass panel", and leather interior! Posted by Picasa

Well, so long for today, time for a "Lucky Lager"! (No, it isn't my favourite beer, but in Manitoba a 6-pack of Lucky is only $6.50!)

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