Saturday, July 23, 2005


Destination: "Spanky's Reach"!

This afternoon I decided to finish off our dockhand's Cessna 185 check-out. His name is "Spanky". Remember him? You probably know him from a previous post, Finally, Decent Weather (or, "Spanky" Freezes His "Balls")! Anyways, he had done some flying with another of our pilots, "Codfish", but today was my turn.

We loaded and left Silver Falls, headed for some of Dogskin Lake Lodge's Outposts with an overload of gear. Spanky's take-off was fine, and his navigation was, well, let us say, not direct, but he didn't get lost. We just about crossed the Ontario border, but he corrected, and found his way. We made Dogskin Lake, unloaded, and headed for Mannifrank Lake. After unloading, I took some pictures from the vantage point of the right float.

Spanky at the controls! Posted by Picasa

An Edo 3430 float cutting across the lake. Posted by Picasa

Steering through the waves. Posted by Picasa

Displacement. Posted by Picasa

Look at the fine "physique" on that specimen. "Hey, wait a minute, that's me!" Posted by Picasa

Then we headed for the Bloodvein River, to a place called the "Reach". I wanted Spanky to land on the river and experience some "current", and park the airplane on the rock at a place we haul moose hunters into in the fall. I couldn't believe how high the water was! We parked at the spot where we place the hunters, and the water was level with the rock, and in the fall it is usually 5 feet lower, at least! I wandered around the site, to look for canoes.

"Holy Shit", their canoes are floating. They were hemmed in, though, by bush and willows, so they wouldn't float away. Posted by Picasa

This looks like a lake, not a river! Posted by Picasa

Spanky "heeled-in". Posted by Picasa

While I take a leak, Spanky checks his "shopping list". Posted by Picasa

An old "bush Buck-85"! Posted by Picasa

Then, up on a flat rock, I saw the remnants of some animal's lunch!

Bones, and a dried-up piece of Beaver tail. A Beaver for lunch! What a concept! Though, the bones could be from assorted animals, as there was lots of different "scat" laying around, maybe the rock is a restaurant or community dining spot! Posted by Picasa

Well, Spanky got me back, safe and sound. Now we will let him fly freight for a number of hours, and then he can fly paying-passengers. Oh, by the way, did I mention my fee? A 24 of "cold Kokanees", Spanky, leave them in the fridge at the Float Base, there are stories to be exaggerated!

Till next time, "Mach's gut"!

(REMINDER: The "Red Bull Air Race" from Rock of Cashel, Ireland, happens tomorrow. Check out the info!)

Red Bull Air Race

Peter Besenyei vs. Mike Mangold! Gotta' love it!!!!!

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