Monday, June 27, 2005


Graduation Day For #2 Kid!

June 24th, my second child, Kody, graduated. 13 long years, and she made it, graduating with 31 credits, and being accepted to University. She was also Student Council President this year, and her mother and I are proud of her. At the beginning of July, she is off to instruct Royal Canadian Air Cadets in Alberta for the summer, before fall University classes. Way to go, Kody!

Kody making her speech as Student Council President...... Posted by Hello

Kody receiving her Diploma.......... Posted by Hello

Kody and the whole "Famn Damily", a young lady on her way! Posted by Hello

Congratulations Cody from the KQ9 Crew!!!
Thanks, Karen, Kody and I appreciate it.
Congrats Kody! You guys have sure all done growed up!
Uncle Mike
Kody says "Thank you, Uncle Mike"!
Thanks everybody!! I appreciate it!
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